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New Instructions Copy Paste Codes Music On Friendster:

1. Login Friendster.
2. Click This Application
3. Copy Embed Music Codes That You Liked on MUXIX.
4. Paste Your Music Codes Under Box On "Add Code".
5. Click "Add To Profile".
6. Finish And Check In Your Profile.

# Simply Put Music Codes Our Your Friendster Now! Click Here!.

Alesana (LIST)

Alesana - Ambrosia.swf
Alesana - This Conversation Is Over.swf
Alesana - Pathetic,Ordinary.swf
Alesana - Congratulations I Hate You.swf
Alesana - Daggers Speak Louder Than Words.swf
Alesana - The Last Three Letters.swf
Alesana - Apology.swf
Alesana - Seduction.swf
Alesana - Beautiful In Blue.swf


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Top 20 chart music on Dahsyat.

1. Peterpan - Tak Ada Yang Abadi.mp3
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11. Ungu - Hampa.mp3
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